The Preacherman

Målle Lindberg has passed the age of 80 with a margin and is still going strong. The half gypsy Episcopalian who turned Sweden and Scandinavia into a religous Mayhem during the sixties. With his brand new concept; Rock´n Roll and preaching he litterally set people on fire. His movement peaked during the midsixties and was compared to the Beatles hysteria. Together with journalist Bo Sjökvist, HBP located his footsteps and followed them for a total period of six years. The Preeacherman is a warm and hearty documentary that leave no stones untouched. The film has been screened on several film festivals and been broadcasted all over over Scandinavia. It recieved great reviews at the opening in 2007. Available on DVD with english subs. Look at a teaser below.

The Preacherman from Housebars Produktion on Vimeo.