Wildlife Conservation Society

Suzanne is currently working on a film for the Wildlife Conservation Society who have ordered a film about the on going work in trying to find a mutual policy for the nationalparks of East Africa. The documentary will address transboundary conservation in general and illustrate the various thematic areas that are on the agenda for the Transboundary workshop in selected areas with or potential for transboundary conservation. In particular the documentary will cover:
enforcement /Extractive industries
Fire management
Watershed management
Tourism/biodiversity conservation
The documentary will further feature interviews with a selection of government officials,
park authorities, politicians, EAC officials, Greater Virunga Transboundary secretariat,
communities and tourism stakeholders to present a balanced view of the current situation
with respect to transboundary conservation in Eastern Africa as well as its opportunities and constraints. The areas includes the Greater Virunga Landscape, Nyungwe/Kibira, Mt Elgon and Serengeti/Masai Mara.
Rwandan Columbusmonkeys
More Columbusmonkies
Elephant crossing
Lion resting
Mara River
Masai Mara
Rwandan sign
Suzanne with camera
Suzanne and poach-hunter
Masai Mara zebras
King of the hill